What’s a Tiffany to Do?

The Tiffany mothership.

The Tiffany mothership.

Let’s pretend your parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gold, made the same choice as 1% of all parents of girls born in the US in 1982: They named you Tiffany.

And now you design jewelry and want to sell it under your name: TIFFANY GOLD.

Just like Tiffany Blake and Tiffany Jazelle, each of whom applied to register her name as a trademark for her jewelry. Tiffany & Co., wisely and inevitably, opposed both of those applications.

Ms. Jazelle lost the opposition by default because she didn’t file an answer. Her application is dead. Ms. Blake’s opposition appears to have settled. She voluntarily abandoned trying to get a registration for her name for jewelry and handbags. She’s still hanging in there for women’s clothing.

So, if your name is Tiffany and you plan to sell jewelry, you should probably find a different brand. Is it fair that you can’t use the name your parents gave you to sell your stuff?

I’m going to ask you to stop worrying about what’s fair and make a business decision. Do you really want to spend the time and money fighting Tiffany & Co.?

I know it hurts and you feel like it’s a matter of principle. But you’re running a business, so I’m going to ask you, very kindly and gently, to get over it. Ms. Blake and Ms. Jazelle learned their lessons the hard way. Maybe you should learn that same lesson from their very expensive examples.

4 thoughts on “What’s a Tiffany to Do?

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