The Trademark King Celebrates Thanksgiving

Behold the Trademark King. On Thanksgiving week of 2014, Mr. Lehocky, president of Trademark King, filed about 150 applications to register some interesting trademarks:


Mr. Lehocky filed his applications based on use: He actually created a public record in which he swore under penalty of perjury that he had already infringed on some of the world’s most famous brands. Way to go Mr. Lehocky.

Mr. Lehocky also tried to claim exclusive rights to a bunch of public-domain phrases:

  • TOP 10 LIST

Every application Mr. Lehocky filed that fateful week is walking steadily and surely to death: The examiner issues an office action explaining the many fatal problems with each application. Mr. Lehocky files something he imagines to be responsive. The examiner issues another office action, explaining how Mr. Lehocky’s “response” is not responsive. Mr. LeHocky “responds.” The examiner issues a final refusal.

In the next few weeks, we’ll see whether Mr. LeHocky appeals the final refusals. It’ll cost him another $100 per application. For the sake of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, we can only hope Mr. LeHocky will get some advice before deciding to waste more time and money on applications that were dead the day they were filed.

What did you do last Thanksgiving? I flushed $50,000 down the toilet.

What are you doing next Thanksgiving? Flushing another $15,000 after it.

4 thoughts on “The Trademark King Celebrates Thanksgiving

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