Genericide is Painful

Wouldn’t it be great if people started using your trademark as the word for what you’re selling?

  • “Google it.”
  • “I need a Kleenex.”
  • “I’d like a Coke, please.”

But Google, Kimberly-Clark, and CocaCola want you to know they spend plenty of time and money to make sure their trademarks don’t become the next linoleum, thermos, or escalator.

Here’s what the owners of those trademarks want you to say:

  •             “Use Google® to search for it.”
  •             “May I have a tissue?”
  •             “I’d like a Coke®, please.”  “We have Pepsi® products.” “In that case, I’ll have tap water.”

Because those companies know that becoming a generic word means their rights go *poof*. Suddenly, one of their most valuable assets falls into the public domain. Everyone can use it, including their competitors.

You want everyone to know your brand, love your brand, want your brand. But you never want them to verb your brand. Because then it won’t be your brand anymore. Because “too much of a good thing” is a real thing.

So, go on out there and make your trademark famous, just not that kind of famous.

2 thoughts on “Genericide is Painful

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