The Deepest Cut of All

A few weeks ago, Mr. Douglas Alan Lehocky received a final refusal to his application to register:


I’ve written about Mr. Lehocky twice before, here and here. Mr. Lehocky filed over 150 applications during Thanksgiving week of 2014. That amounted to over $50,000 in application fees, all of which Mr. Lehocky has lost or soon will.

It’s not that hard to understand why the Trademark Office refused to give Mr. Lehocky a registration for DISNEY.COM, but why couldn’t Mr. Lehocky get a registration for his own name?

In order to get a trademark registration, you have to be using what you want to register as a trademark and you have to provide the Trademark Office with a specimen showing that use. Mr. Lehocky didn’t provide any evidence of use as a trademark. Instead, Mr. Lehocky provided a picture of a piece of paper with the words DOUGLAS ALAN LEHOCKY printed on it in really big letters.

When that didn’t work, he submitted the same picture 2 more times.

It still didn’t work and it never will.

One hundred fifteen of the original 150+ applications are now dead. The rest continue their slow but inevitable trip to “final refusal.” It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.


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