Don’t Mess with the Giraffe

There are 231[1] dead applications that include R US. That’s pretty much every application for [FILL-IN-THE-BLANK] R US that’s been filed by someone other than Geoffrey, LLC.[2]

Almost all of the dead applications were expressly abandoned by their owners, which means they didn’t put up much of a fight. They probably got a letter from Geoffrey, LLC that politely but firmly suggested they pick a new trademark.

The dead applications include goods and services in just about every field: restaurants, dentistry, junk removal, bamboo processing, accounting (a lot of accountants), legal (an embarrassingly large number of attorneys including one who filed to register TRADEMARKS R US). My personal favorites: GLORYHOLES R US and HEMOROIDS[3] R US.

Some people look at this record and think TOYS R US is a bully, going after some little guy who’s just trying to process some bamboo. After all, who could think that TOYS R US would go into selling hemorrhoid medication? No one’s getting confused or misled, so what’s the harm?

But trademarks are a “protect it or lose it” kind of asset. Once someone gets a registration for BAMBOO R US, it will be harder to stop HEMOROID R US. Then a few more slip through and now everyone has an argument that Geoffrey’s rights stop at retail toy sales and the brand is tarnished and diluted. The giraffe is wisely protecting his turf.


[1] As of February 4, 2016.

[2] Five applications are still alive: 1 is being opposed and the other 6 haven’t reached the stage where they can be opposed yet. Only one application made it through: Books R Us was registered in 1982. The registration is dead. The owner didn’t renew.

[3] Yeah, that’s how they spelled it.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Mess with the Giraffe

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