What Are You Suggesting?

I’ve written a lot about unfortunate trademarks. So what’s a better idea?

A suggestive mark tells your customers everything about you without telling them anything directly. Suggestive marks make your customers feel the way you want them to feel. They suggest something about your business without coming on too strong.


Brilliant, right? Kind of gives you the idea of office supplies, but really it says “we have what you need right here.” Staples can sell anything. If paper and 3-ring binders become obsolete, Staples is still right there for you, providing whatever replaces those things. And for those who might not get it, they have a tagline “The Office Superstore” which they can drop like typewriter ribbons if “office” or “superstore” start to feel wrong.


Ahhhhhh. My home. All is well. Doesn’t matter whether that yummy feeling is because of my thermostat, smoke detector, or webcam. The only thing Nest tells you is that it knows how to make you feel safe and comfy.

Coming up with a suggestive mark is hard, because you have to know who you are, who your customer is, and what you want your customer’s experience to be. After that, coming up with just the right word to suggest that feeling is comparatively easy.

Who are you? Deep down inside? And how will you tell your customers?

That’s what an awesome mark says.

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