Sticky Color

Color. It’s amazing how much a trademark can rely on color. Sometimes, all you have to do is see a color and, without any words, or a logo, you already know what company it came from.
National Geographic

It’s just a rectangle in a certain saturated shade of yellow. And, yet, for most people, it screams National Geographic.



Does anyone have any question about where this box came from? When someone’s carrying a small shopping bag in this color, do you have any doubt about what’s in the bag?



You know whose truck this is just by the color, without seeing the writing on the side. You’d even know one of their drivers by the color of her uniform.




You know what store this is, even though I covered over the words on the awning.




This sign is sometimes in katakana, but that doesn’t stop you from knowing which store it is just by the red square and the white lettering.





You know where I bought my iced tea without seeing the label on the cup, just because of the color of the straw.




Red soles on a pair of shoes. You know these were made by Louboutin.


There are lots more out there. That certain red of CocaCola. FedEx purple. The very particular shade of blue used on Southwest Airlines planes.

The next time you’re walking down the street, real or virtual, pay attention to how much brilliant brand identity is conveyed just with color and nothing more.



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