Loooooong Trademarks

We can all think of trademarks with no words, and with a few words, but can a whole bunch of words be a trademark?

One of the early loooooooong trademarks was a bunch of words mushed together owned by McDonald’s Corporation:




Lululemon® filed an application to register this trademark that consists of 532 words and a couple of images. It’s already passed review by the Trademark Office.





The owners of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap® took a different approach. They filed an application to register the layout of their label, rather than the words themselves. Their application hasn’t been reviewed by the Trademark Office yet. It’ll be interesting to see how it does.

Dr. Bronner's.pngDr. B real label.png






Does this mean you should get a trademark registration for all the words on your label?

No. It doesn’t mean that at all.

Each of these examples are long strings of words that are acting as a trademark.

If I showed you the Dr. Bronner’s label, you would probably tell me: “Oh, yeah, it’s that soap. Dr. Bronner’s, right?”

img_9415If you saw someone walking down the street with this bag, you would know it was a shopping bag from Lululemon®.

If I listed the ingredients of a BigMac® in just the right order, you would know I was referring to McDonald’s®.

So, unless your bunchofwordsstrungtogether is how consumers identify your company, you don’t need (and probably can’t get) a trademark registration.






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