Son of Hidden Meaning

We’ve already seen the hidden messages in the logos for Cisco®, FedEx®, and Amazon®, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Check out these cool messages embedded in logos.

BR 31.pngCan you find the hidden trademark reference in this registered trademark owned by Baskin Robbins Incorporated? I’ll give you a hint. It tells you how many flavors Baskin Robbins® famously offers.

F1.pngDo you see both the F and the 1 in this registered trademark owned by Formula One Licensing B.V. ? The F is in the positive space and the 1 is in the negative space. Vroooom.



And it’s totally cool how Goodwill Industries International Inc. makes us see the smiling face and the letter G both at the same time.




And just in case you weren’t sure what to do with a tortilla chip, Frito-Lay North America, Inc. shows you how to dip it into salsa right there in their registered trademark.



This logo owned and registered by Lincoln Hockey LLC for the Washington Capitals® is pretty damn cool. The eagle is obvious but can you see the Capitol dome in the negative space?



Have you seen any cool logos with hidden messages lately?



All trademarks are owned by the companies named and are not affiliated with Beeline Legal in any way.



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