Immorality and Scandal

What’s been happening at the Trademark Office since the floodgates to immorality and scandal were opened?

You may remember that the United States Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional to refuse to register trademarks that include disparaging words. Soon after, the Circuit Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit applied the reasoning in the Supreme Court decision to shitcan rejecting trademarks with immoral or scandalous words.

Here’s a rundown of applications filed in the first year following the Supreme Court’s decision that have a least one of the Seven Words You Can’t Say On Television:

SHIT: 80 applications filed. My favorite: EAU SHIT for cologne.

PISS: Not a popular choice. Only 3 applications. Fave: PISSPERFECT for “artificial penises that release fluid.”

FUCK: 82 applications. I’m sorry to report that most of them are boring AF but I do rather like NAMASTE AS FUCK.

CUNT: Only 2 applications and both filed a full year after oral argument.

COCKSUCKER: 0. Zip. Nada. Zilch. I’m sure there are some missed branding opportunities here.

MOTHERFUCKER: Only 2, but you gotta love Y’ALL MOTHERFUCKERS NEED JESUS for clothing. The applicant has been using the trademark since 2011. A real groundbreaker.

TITS: Only 8 applications, including CHECK YOUR TITS AND PITS for “charitable projects . . . to promote breast cancer detection.”

I also checked on filings of applications containing disparaging words. There were only a handful. Several were filed by Snowflake Enterprises, LLC with an address on King Street in Alexandria, VA, just a short walk from the Trademark Office. Cool.


Big shoutout to Cody B., who asked me a question that led to this post. What do you want to know about?



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