What Do I Do Now?

You just found out you have to change the brand you use for your business. Maybe you got a cease and desist letter telling you that you’re infringing on someone else’s trademark rights. Maybe your lawyer pointed out that your brand is generic or “merely descriptive” and that you’ll never be able to stop other people from using the same words to sell their stuff.

What now?

Step 1 – Coming Up With Your New Trademark

Rebranding is time-consuming and expensive, so you want to be certain to get it right this time. Learn what mistakes to avoid and what makes a safe, strong trademark.

Beeline®_fullcolor_h BIGGER copy.pngThe most successful entrepreneurs know what they do well and don’t do well and hire someone for stuff they don’t do well. When I started my business, I hired Axio Design to come up with BEELINE and my Happy Bee logo.

Remember not to get attached to anything until you know it’s good to go. You’re probably going to need more than one idea before you find something that’s available.

Step 2 – Transitioning To Your New Brand

There are different approaches to transitioning from your current brand to a new one. You can use do it all at once, like ripping off a Band-Aid® or, if you have the luxury to change gradually, you can transition from the old to the new, in a way that preserves the value you built into the old brand.

Either way, you should make the change an opportunity to create a splash and reconnect with your customers and market. Lemonade from lemons.



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