Trademark Bullies

Let’s play a guessing game.

There’s a company out there, let’s call it Bully Inc., that’s been accusing other companies of infringing on its trademarks. I’ll describe the “infringements” and let’s see if you can guess the identity of Bully Inc.

Remember, Bully Inc. is claiming that each of these “infringers” is leading consumers to think they’re associated with Bully Inc., so the identity of Bully Inc. should come easily to mind when I tell you about the trademarks the “infringers” are using.

Ready? Let’s go.

Alleged Infringer #1: Thunder Beast LLC owns a registration for the trademark THUNDER BEAST® for “Non-alcoholic beverages, namely, carbonated beverages.” Bully Inc. says that’s likely to confuse consumers and its trying to deregister Thunder Beast’s trademark.


Alleged Infringer #2: Bully Inc. also went after the owner of the Toronto Raptors® because their logo (shown to the right) is likely to confuse consumers into thinking that the Raptors are associated with Bully Inc.

Have you figured out who Bully Inc. is yet?

One more hint.

Alleged Infringer #3: Bully Inc. also went after Disney for Disney’s registration of MONSTERS UNIVERSITY® for food products.

. . . .

. . . .

Have you got it? The company bringing all those legal actions (and many more) is Monster Energy Company, makers of Monster Energy® drinks.

If you own a trademark you should defend it against infringers but remember that your trademark rights don’t extend to everyone who uses something vaguely similar to the words or designs in your trademark.



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