CEC logo

In December 2019, Canadian Energy Center rolled out its new logo across its social media accounts.

Progress Software logo

The Twitterverse was quick to point out that the new logo was identical to the logo used by Progress Software Corporation, except for the change in color.

CEC “alternate logo”

Bowed but unbroken, Canadian Energy Center quickly pivoted and started using what a CEC spokesperson referred to as “an alternate logo.”

ATK logo

It didn’t take long for ATK Technologies to point out that CEC’s new logo was suspiciously like ATK’s logo.

Leaving aside whether the logos selected by CEC are infringing, how did this happen? Was it a coincidence? Did the agency who prepared the first logo actually copy the Progress logo? Was whoever created the second logo also a copycat?

It’s hard to know whether these are cases of blatant copying. Creatives who work on logos tend to notice logos. They may not consciously realize they’re copying something they once saw in passing.

That’s why it’s up to the client to check on what’s out there before launch. Even if you’re not infringing, it’s embarrassing to screw this up. Screwing it up twice looks like you have no idea what you’re doing.

Shout out to Liz B. for sending me the information that led to this post.

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