How NOT to Pick a New Trademark Part 2

16,670-word description of
goods and services

Cleveland baseball team: We’re going to announce our new team name before we know whether it’s available to use.

Facebook: Hold my beer.

The Cleveland baseball team blundered but can still use GUARDIANS as its new trademark just by buying rights from the GUARDIANS roller derby team.

Facebook faces quite a few more hurdles before it can use or register META.


Because Facebook is trying to register for so many different goods and services.

How many?

It took them 16,670 words to say it all.

Here are the problems I found in the first 3 minutes of searching the U.S. Trademark Office records:

  • Five registrations for VR headsets owned by Meta Company. (Facebook’s application includes: “headsets . . . for engaging in virtual reality experiences”.)
  • A registration owned by M37 Inc. for software for machine learning. (Facebook’s application includes “software for machine learning”.)
  • A registration owned by Celia B. Banks and Rajiv Rishi for information in the field of marketing (Facebook’s application includes a variety of marketing services.)

There are plenty of other problems out there, both in the U.S. and in other countries.

So, what’s Facebook going to do?

It’ll probably throw its weight and money around but may have been buying up rights before it announced.

In April 2021, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative LLC, bought a registration for META for marketing, advertising, and promotional services that dates back to 2015. If Chan Zuckerberg has a connection to Facebook, that could create leverage for getting another registration in that field.

Whatever its plans, wouldn’t it have been better to be original instead of fighting for the mundane?

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