Meatballs and Worms

Logos are like pets. Their owners give them cute little names or, sometimes, when their owners don’t bother, other people give them not-so-cute names.

NASA_Worm_logo.svgNASA stopped using the “worm” . . .




. . . and started using the “meatball.”


BMW Roundel


BMW® calls the symbol on its hood, the “roundel”, which is pretty boring, because it’s a . . . roundel.






This little guy from Pixar® is called “Luxo, Jr.” Luxo® is a registered trademark for lamps owned by Glamox AS.




The United States Postal Service® went from using the “standing”eagle to the “sonic” eagle in 1993.sonic-eagle




The “Diving Girl” has been used on Jantzen® swimwear since 1920.diving-girl

Chevy Bowtie


Chevrolet® refers to its logo as the “bowtie.”

Amtrak pointless arrow


Then there’s the hilariously named Amtrak® “pointless arrow.”



And what roundup would be complete without a visit from the Beeline® “happy bee”?






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