Hidden Meaning – Animal Edition

For today’s post, I scoured the earth (or at least the USPTO database) to bring you some really cool hidden animal imagery.

Do you see all three animals in the green and white logo for the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance?

The Pittsburgh Zoo makes beautiful use of animal profiles to create the form of a tree.

Logos incorporating animals and negative space are used for everything from software to bull semen. Check these out.

The image of the top of this post incorporates the front of a dog really nicely. The registration of this logo was cancelled. I guess there wasn’t that much call for recycled labradors.

I love the colors and shading of this stylized bird logo for a software company. Sadly the application was abandoned.

The ibis head and beak incorporated into the leaf motif is so simple and elegant. It’s owned by Ibis Botanicals for herbal supplements.

How cool is this rendering of a dog head in the negative space of a leaping fish owned by John Griffin for backpacks?

Here’s another one that relies on simplicity. It’s owned by CRV Holdings and is for animal semen and artificial insemination services.

This pelican-head-forming-the-letter-P is owned by Wire Experts Group and is used to sell various types of wire.

This shark and pilot fish combo is used by Pilotfish to sell sunglasses and clothing.

Negative space and hidden imagery in logos is so distinctive and memorable. I never get tired of these. Do you have a favorite hidden imagery logo?

Thanks to Liz B. for bringing some more of these wonderful marks to my attention.

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